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Will Automobile Engines Ever be the Same?

13th February 2017

CEO of Aeristech, pictured at the offices of the Guangzhou Automotive Group’s Automotive Engineering Institute

Richard Wall Aeristech CEO is just off to China for his fourth visit this year!

He is expecting to put the finishing touches to a deal that will revolutionise the way your car engine is designed.  Aeristech’s Chairman and CTO have also visited and it has all paid off big time! The Chinese have comprehensive plans for reducing vehicle emissions and as part of the process are seeking out innovative technologies such as those that Aeristech have developed.

Aeristech’s latest and potentially the most important invention known as the “uCharger” – the ultimate charger!   It is a variable speed motor driven compressor that can supply the complete airflow requirements of an automobile engine.  No need for expensive complicated turbochargers, electric superchargers, waste gates and complex control systems the uCharger connected to the vehicle battery and engine control unit does it all better, cheaper and with lower emissions!  

It is Aeristech’s patented motor control technology that has made this possible, No other motor can deliver air at a pressure of 35psi continuously with the speed of response to changes in demand that is needed to make this arrangement possible.

Having invented the uCharger Aeristech’s problem was how to create a market for it, a product that its customers don’t know to be possible and worse if adopted a radical change to their current practice.   The Chinese have been first to rise to the challenge and a prototype uCharger will be in operation with a 1.3l x 3cylinder petrol engine in two months and a demonstration vehicle soon after.  

Richard said, “You will understand Aeristech’s excitement our uCharger is unique and over the next two years it will become the industry standard as;
It is ideal for use with engines of 1.3l or less which aren’t well suited to turbocharging.
By eliminating superchargers and turbochargers reduces engine cost.
Fuel cost and emissions will be reduced by 26% (currently modeled until actual independently verified test results become available)
The driving performance of an engine several times its size.
We are of course putting a lot of effort into our Europe and US customers but they aren’t under the same pressure as the Chinese – we expect them to start catching up soon.  The publication of our Chinese test results should provide us with all we need to close deals with them.”

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