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What’s in a name – Winner Annoucement

23rd March 2017


Thanks to all of you that came up with suggestions for a name for our ground braking new technology.  After a lot of thought Richard our CEO has chosen  “ sCharger” which abbreviates to  ”sC” .  Why?  

  • Its neat and would make a nice logo
  • “S” might represent;  short for sole as in the only , special and unlike any other, sexy (some people are turned on by cars) or super – meaning splendid or more than.  Sole is probably the most significant descriptor as the unique feature of the device is that it supplies all the air an engine needs replacing both supercharger and turbocharger .
  • Charger as in turbo and super, meaning to boost the engine air supply and output.  A charger is of course a war horse.

Aeristech will in future use this name in its publications describing the device.

For you our splendid followers – the bad news is that an AERISTECH employee suggested the name!  The good news – we did promise to make an award to a runner-up. The names suggested were;

  1. Carbonator
  2. Techcharger – techCharger
  3. Imminent
  4. Aerisair
  5. Ultimate Charger – uCharger/Supercharger
  6. SoleCharger Supercharger – sCharger/sSupercharger
  7.   Sole Booster – sBooster
  8. Advent
  9. Carbonator
  10. Boost box
  11. Supercharger on Demand
  12. A (autonomous /automatic) E (eco/ electric) R (responsive) “i” (intelligent) S (supercharger superTurbo) “AERiS” – “AERiS-t”
  13. Booty M’cBoost face
  14. Omniboost , Omnibooster
  15. Supercharger on demand

We have decided that the runner up is number  4 AerisAir,   closely followed by 12 –  AERiS  both sound good.

We will be in contact with number 4 today and if they agree we will let you know the winner and come September we will get to show them driving our demonstrator vehicle at the LCV event at Cenex.

Thanks to everyone to joined in and for the great ideas.

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