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The Company

Kenilworth lab double doors 2Aeristech is based in Warwickshire, close to Coventry and Birmingham Airport, at the heart of the UK automotive industry with access to automotive professionals, manufacturers, and prototype component suppliers.

The Company has a factory unit on the Princes Drive Industrial Estate in Kenilworth.  The space has been modified to provide offices,meeting space, laboratories, assembly areas, and two fully instrumented dedicated test cells for motor, generator, and turbo-machine commissioning, validation, and durability testing.

Hot exhaust gas tests, engine integration tests, vehicle tests, and NVH tests are carried out offsite with the support of our partners and service providers.

Aeristech’s Evolution


2006 to 2009 – Early Research and Development

Aeristech was founded in 2006 to develop a Full Electric Turbocharger Technology (FETT). Aeristech protected this novel concept and associated Intellectual Property through Patent filing. The turbocharger required a motor capable of delivering the full load air (mass and pressure) requirements of an engine in less than 1 second. In achieving this, Aeristech developed and patented a novel architecture for the electronic hardware driving the motor (or generator).  In 2007, Aeristech produced the world’s fastest accelerating permanent magnet motor (also the world’s fastest, variable-speed, permanent magnet motor with a power greater than 1kW).

 2010 to 2012 – Technical Development and Application-Specific R&D

In 2010, after securing a proof of concept project with a global European OEM, Aeristech entered into a new phase of development to produce superchargers and turbochargers from its core platform technology in high-speed motors and control electronics.  Working to OEM requirements, Aeristech developed solutions for rotordynamics, component assembly, and bearings that demonstrated world-leading electric turbomachine performance and scalability for mass manufacture.

Aeristech has designed built and tested motors and generators for a variety of possible applications operating at voltages between 12-400v with powers ranging from 2-50kW

2013 to 2015 – Engineering Refinement and Product Prototyping


In 2013 Aeristech already enjoyed a position of technology leadership, achieving unprecedented levels of boost, efficiency, and transient performance with relatively basic laboratory prototypes, owing to Aeristech’s strong base of supporting platform technologies in high-speed motors and controllers.

Over the next two years, driven by the technical challenges both the size and the skills of the team increased.  Recognising the immediate demand for  electric superchargers an “A-sample” was built in early 2015. The machine achieved both performance and durability test and  attracted the interest of a number of industry players.  The prototype, having already been subject to rigorous testing,  is now running continuously ,  performing over 7500 boost events per day.

2016 Onwards

New Test Cells

Following the success of Aeristech’s A-Sample program, the Company is involved with several projects with OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to the automotive industry to demonstrate the performance of its products and their application to arising requirements.

In collaboration with MAHLE Powertrain UK has developed a powertrain, featuring Mahle Powertrains’ 1.2L three cylinder gasoline engine and Aeristech’s 48V electric supercharger, producing 194kW, capable of powering a large family car with ample performance for C and D segment vehicles.  In achieving 162kW/litre , Aeristech and Mahle Powertrain Ltd believe this to be the highest specific power production from a high volume development engine ever seen.

MAHLE Powertrain have integrated the 1.2L Aeristech-supercharged engine into a Volkswagen Golf  chassis for testing and demonstration.  Real-world CO2 emissions, performance and fuel economy test results are planned to be published later in the year.  The demonstration vehicle was unveiled at a ride and drive LCV event at Millbrook on September 14th 2016.

Endurance testing of Aeristechs 48V eSupercharger was completed in April 2017.  The device operated continuously (24/7) for  over 9000 hours,  representing over 2,000,000 boost events without issue.

The Company continues to develop the fuel cell compressor and has a 20kW model on test – this would be sufficient to power a 100kW fuel cell.


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