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Test cell enclosure tender

11th July 2019

Test cell enclosure tender

Aeristech Ltd are looking for a contractor to supply enclosures for motor testing.

The project will include: 

Design, manufacture and installation of 2x enclosures to meet the following requirements:

  • Test cells are to be a minimum of 2m x 4m internally.
  • Isolation controls and emergency stop for electrical services.
  • Safety interlocks are to be provided for entry doors.
  • Impact resistance to all parts of the enclosure to withstand 352J.
  • Sound insulation to ensure external noise of no more than 60dB with 90dB internal.
  • Fire containment for a minimum of 60 minutes.
  • Fire detection linked to emergency stop and building fire alarm system.

The successful contractor will have a proven track record of designing, manufacturing and installing industrial enclosures, will be competitive and be able to meet the detailed specification for all the above elements of the project.

The project timeline should be no longer than 16 weeks from receipt of order to project completion.

Payment to be agreed in instalments upon design review, handover and final acceptance.

Start date for submission is Monday 1st July 2019. The deadline for submission is Monday 15th July 2019.

Criteria for supplier selection:

  1. Cost (25%)
  2. Experience / track record (25%)
  3. Ability to meet requested specification (25%)
  4. Timescale of installation (25%)

If you are interested in quoting for this project then please email us:


This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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