sCharger faces up to a challenge | Aeristech

sCharger faces up to a challenge

4th September 2017


The Aeristech sCharger has attracted great interest in the East where it offer the possibility of using a very small capacity engine to power a family saloon. The technology will deliver great performance with a lower capital cost and emissions in comparison to competing solutions.

A variant of the machine (non-integrated controller) is being prepared to be shipped to the East for a series of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) trials. This trial is of particular interest since it pits our eSC as a standalone, single boost device on an engine, being trialled against a competitor’s eBoosters which form part of a dual stage (eSC+turbo) boosting setup. The OEM in question, understands the potential cost saving of using an Aeristech eSC without the need for a traditional turbocharger and associated ancillaries, due to its unique steady state capability. Competitors eSC’s cannot operate at high speed in a steady state due to overheating. Testing is expected to begin in October with preliminary results later in the year.

Note; An “sCharger” is an electric supercharger used as the sole boost device for an engine.

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