Presenting the Benefits of Electric Turbochargers at IQPC | Aeristech

Presenting the Benefits of Electric Turbochargers at IQPC

22nd April 2012

In March, Aeristech attended the 4th annual IQPC Advanced Downsizing & Turbocharging Concepts conference, and enjoyed the opportunity to present at this event again.

The three day conference focussed on the challenge of intelligent downsizing, along with the technical benefits and opportunities of new turbocharging concepts. Bryn Richards, Aeristech CEO, presented on the topic of implementing a fully electric turbocharger. In particular, he discussed engine control and downsizing potential, and turbomachine performance with mechanical decoupling. Compressor performance data from a selection of Aeristech development machines, including Automotive, Off-highway and Motorsport, illustrated key technical points and demonstrated Aeristech’s ability to fully boost a small engine with a fullElectric electric turbocharger.

Aeristech valued the event and we were pleased with the lively interest expressed by OEMs and fellow engine developers. The full presentation can be viewed via this link: Engine Downsizing Potential of Electric Turbochargers.

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