New Test cells and eSupercharger Endurance Testing, June 2016 | Aeristech

New Test cells and eSupercharger Endurance Testing, June 2016

23rd June 2016

As a Company inventing and commercialising a new technology, the importance of producing comprehensive test data to support the Company’s claims about the world beating performance of its motors, compressors and turbogenerators has been routine.

So far it has been impossible to meet all the requests for performance data on our single test rig.  Now, two fully equipped test cells have been commissioned. In addition to routine testing the cells have been designed to include cooling and heating, sound proofing and are steel lined to protect against the remote risk of catastrophic machine failure. They are designed to run continuously without supervision


New Test Cells

Asuquo Andah, Mechanical Design Engineer and Project Manager for the development of the new test cells has said: “Before these new test cells, the longest we ran the 10kW eSupercharger for was 20 hours straight at it’s maximum 5.6kW continuous power rating with no issues.

Since the new test cells were completed, we have been able to run these test cells around the clock on multiple occasions and, so far, two of our A sample eSuperchargers have collectively completed an equivalent of 1000 hours enduring an OEM test cycle. This amounts to tens-of-thousands of boost events ranging from short, high transient bursts to prolonged steady-state operation.”

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