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New Additions to Aeristech

3rd February 2013

Following keen interest in our motor and generator projects, Aeristech welcomes fresh talent to its Electrical and Mechanical design teams. February marks the final month in an exciting period of recruitment and expansion as the company advances into the vehicle demonstration phase of its development.

Following an exhaustive search, these new senior engineers, one electrical and one mechanical, impressed us with their skill, knowledgeability and attention to detail. They are experienced in liaising with partners, suppliers and customers: a skill that is valued by existing team members. Aeristech’s innovative technical work requires creativity and versatile practical knowledge from each engineer. In prototype testing and demonstrations, teams rely on each individual’s diverse and often specialised technical skills to meet customer requirements. We relish the prospect, through these senior engineers, of deepening and strengthening the company’s already extensive skill base. They join last year’s acquisitions in our Mechanical and Operations teams, including December’s new Commercial Director who is already busy meeting with several grant bodies and partners.

As Aeristech evolves, additional staff will allow us to do greater technical machining and engineering on site, providing opportunity to further cultivate our practical expertise whilst bringing permanent skills to the company. We’ll also offer faster supply to customers as a pleasing by-product of handling more work in-house.

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