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Mahle Present Paper Praising Aeristech eSupercharger Technology

7th June 2015

On the 27th May, at the SIA powertrain conference in Versailes, Mahle Powertrain presented a paper on E-supercharging for Heavily Downsized Gasoline Engines using an Aeristech 48v electric supercharger (eSupercharger). Mahle compared performance of the original downsized demonstrator engine, equipped with a conventional two-stage turbocharger system, and that of the same engine but instead fitted with a large turbo and an Aeristech eSupercharger.

The resulting engine surpassed the specific power output of its predecessor, rising from 100kW/l to 161kW/l. Mahle praised Aeristech’s eSupercharger for its ‘continuous, high-pressure, operation’ which is a ‘clear advantage over many of the competing technologies, which are typically limited to short bursts and are therefore not ideally suited to this type of very high specific output power application’.

This is the second time the Mahle-Aeristech combination yielded success, after another Aeristech eSupercharger was used on Mahle’s Range Extender Engine.

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