LCV CENEX at Millbrook | Aeristech

LCV CENEX at Millbrook

14th September 2016


Our eSupercharger is going to be undergoing test drives at the Cenex LCV event 14-15th September.  

We have worked with MAHLE powertrain to build and test a concept engine with industry leading performance, enabling increased fuel economy and engine downsizing.  This is what MAHLE powertrain had to say about our combined project.

“MAHLE Powertrain and Aeristech have demonstrated a concept engine with class leading performance, which will enable fuel economy improvements through engine downsizing at specific power outputs not previously demonstrated. In doing so, the companies have pioneered a new development in engine boosting technology by hybridisation of the air intake system, making the electrical device a fundamental part of the enabling technology.

“The eSupercharger is, in this application, no longer simply a transient device, but also a key contributor to the steady state engine performance. In doing so, previously unachievable levels of specific power output have been realised.” – MAHLE Powertrain UK Ltd

If you’re interested in finding out more about our eSupercharger why not come and meet some of the Aeristech team in the MAHLE Powertrain stand (SP23)?

Of if you’re just interested in finding out a little bit more about our award winning eSupercharger you can download our information flyer here.

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