Just Auto Interviews Aeristech about eSupercharger Potential | Aeristech

Just Auto Interviews Aeristech about eSupercharger Potential

10th August 2015

Just Auto, one of the world’s leading automotive business magazines, interviewed Aeristech CEO Bryn Richards about proven alternatives to traditional turbocharging. For the article, “Q&A with Aeristech on a novel alternative to turbocharging”, Bryn deliberates Electric Supercharging (eSupercharging) and specifically the advantages of our patented Electric Supercharger technology: how Aeristech’s eSupercharger is the first allowing sustained operation at useful power levels and with unprecedented efficiency. He then outlines Aeristech’s solid developmental base. The technology has already been publically proven by OEM demonstration, and this year we plan to wide-launch it via licensing arrangements with interested parties.

The interview also discusses exciting possibilities for the automotive industry: how decoupling the supercharger from the engine makes Full Electric Turbocharger Technology (FETT) possible, potentially an ultimate solution that grants both engine efficiency and extreme engine downsizing. By using “…as little as 10kW of power from energy storage (equivalent to 2.7kJ) [FETT] could reduce CO2 emissions by 2-3 percent on its own, before applying additional measures such as downsizing or changes to the vehicle transmission.”

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