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FullElectric Turbocharger

“Aeristech makes it possible to mechanically decouple the turbine from the compressor and transfer power between the two through an electrical connection. This provides unprecedented opportunity for improving the aerodynamic efficiency, combustion efficiency, and transient response of any fossil fuelled engine.”

— Bryn Richards, Aeristech

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The need for Full Electric Turbocharger Technology (FETT)

Since the first turbocharger developments in the 1890s, performance has been limited by the mechanical linkage between compressor and turbine which causes both to operate at the same rotation speed. By replacing the coupling with a motor and generator, the turbine and compressor are free to operate at different speeds, enabling the compressor speed to be optimised for surge while the turbine speed is optimised for efficiency.

An electric turbocharger reduces the amount of pipework under the bonnet, has fewer losses and costs less than a multi-stage turbocharger solution. Decoupling also allows the turbine to recover and store energy from the exhaust at times when a conventional turbocharger would spill it to waste.

Aeristech FETT

Aeristech’s patented Full Electric Turbocharger Technology is a new enabling technology that will help vehicle manufacturers meet stringent future emissions legislation whilst providing excellent response throughout the engine operating range, even at low engine rpm and vehicle speed.FETT is the ultimate solution for extreme engine downsizing and improved engine efficiency using a single stage turbocharger. Engine manufacturers will be able to use higher levels of boost, enabling greater engine downsizing (60% or more) to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy without loss of performance or driveability.

FETT  developments to date

In working with Volkswagen at the Technische Universität Berlin, Aeristech was able to test its own design of motor-compressor with turbine-generator in their hot gas and engine bed test cells. The tests demonstrated a high-boost, variable speed, rapid response, full electric turbocharger with energy storage and no external source of power. FETT  was able to achieve high efficiency in several test points, even without bespoke compressors. To date, Aeristech has several ongoing FETT  projects.

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