Followers Report November 2016 | Aeristech

Followers Report November 2016

28th November 2016


Aeristech CEO Richard Wall reports regularly to the Companies share holders – it occurred to him that as you take the trouble to follow the Company on social media the least we could do is send you an update as well.

Latest News

  • 48V eSupercharger vehicle demonstrator receives high praise

48V eSupercharger (eSC)

Having completed an arduous OEM durability test in March, it was decided to run the machine continuously, boosting the speed every few seconds. This has been done for a complete vehicle life cycle without any problem.

The performance of the device has received considerable publicity and the Aeristech team has promoted it with likely customers around the world.

A batch of eSuperchargers is in manufacture for evaluation by potential customers.

12V eCharger (eC)

Recognising that for the next ten years the market for 12V eSuperchargers will be over 6X larger than for 48V a smaller 12V variant is being developed.  The Aeristech 12V eCharger prototype will be available for commercial trials in Q1 2017 – it is expected to be price competitive and to deliver higher levels of boost when compared to products currently available or on which data is published.

Fuel Cell eCompressor (FCeC) and Full Electric Turbo-charger (FETT)

Steady progress continues to be made with projects involving these technologies


The Aeristech/Mahle Powertrain vehicle demonstrator (a Mk7 VW Golf, featuring Mahle’s Di3 1.2litre engine and Aeristech’s 48V electric supercharger) was launched in September and has already appeared at a number of public and private drive events in the UK.  It will shortly be on a tour of the European auto industry.

The feedback from potential customers has been hugely favorable as has been the media reaction;

What Next

In collaboration with Mahle Powertrain Aeristech expect to publish actual emissions data on the vehicle at the World SAE Congress in April.  Early indications suggest total CO2 reductions greater than the 25% expected. These coupled with the vehicles drivability will further confirm Aeristech’s potential contribution to emissions reduction through engine downsizing.

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