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eSupercharger – Great Progress

4th September 2017


The 48V eSupercharger A-sample successfully surpassed two million boost events and was taken off test in April 2017. On “tear down” inspection of the machine, the team were pleased to note that, other than a very small amount of bearing grease loss, the machine showed no obvious signs of wear or fatigue.

Our B-series machine has undergone significant performance and durability testing in the last three months. As is the norm with any such engineering development, several design changes were implemented and, once satisfied the machine was achieving its intended performance, a design freeze was granted.

The purpose of developing the B-series machine over the last 15 months was one of industrialization and to provide OEM’s with a representative packaged prototype for testing. This carried forward the performance advantages of Aeristech’s technology at a competitive cost that makes it attractive to manufacturers of our product. Significant work has been invested in optimizing the design for cost purposes and, through working with a number of global supply chain partners, we believe the machine presents a feasible and profitable proposition.

Four machines, our first batch build, have been commissioned and will begin to go out to OEMs in China, Europe and India for testing in September.

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