Enter the Aeristech competition and Win a free Trip to the Low Carbon Vehicle Event at Millbrook 6/7 September 2017 | Aeristech

Enter the Aeristech competition and Win a free Trip to the Low Carbon Vehicle Event at Millbrook 6/7 September 2017

12th February 2017


The competition: find a name for a new technology

The prize; expenses paid trip for 2 to the CENEX low carbon event next September. See and test drive a low emission vehicle, meet the designers.

Aeristech has a new technology and is trying to decide on a name – we would like your help.  

  1. In order to understand what is happening back to basics;
  • Power output of any engine is increased if the fuel input is increased.
  • Fuel quantity has to be matched by air input quantity.
  • The amount of air that can be input is limited
    • Engines used to be naturally aspirated with air being “sucked’ in by the pistons.
    • Turbo chargers, air compressors driven by turbines using energy in the exhaust, can boost air input when the engine revs are high.
    • Superchargers driven either mechanically or electrically are intended to provide air when the turbocharger is ineffective.
  • The only time that the engine is required to deliver full power is whilst accelerating or hill climbing.  The rest of the time, a small engine is more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly than a large engine.  
  • Technology that supplies air only when needed allows an engine to be efficient when idling or cruising but powerful on demand.  “Engine downsizing” – reducing the piston capacity and supporting air flow by other means – is thus a key component of vehicle manufacturer’s strategy to reduce CO2 emissions as required by legislation.
  1. The basics give rise to great complexity in the engine compartment – turbochargers, superchargers, waste gates and cross over pipework occupy a significant proportion of the under-bonnet space.  These items are all expensive, no to mention their control and calibration!

Aeristech’s solution for many engines – provide just one, simple, electric variable speed compressor to  provide  air as and when the  engine needs it.

  • Downside;  
    • More electrical energy than is normally seen on a vehicle, requires a larger alternator or an alternative power source such as regenerative braking or an exhaust gas electric generator.
  • Upsides;
    • Reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions
    • No turbo-lag.
    • Simple, configurable, and responsive to the driver.
    • Eliminates turbocharger, supercharger and waste gates
  1.  Why aren’t others doing this – THEY CANT! Aeristech has invented the worlds most power dense variable speed motor – a motor that can supply the full load air requirements of an automotive engine within a second and continue to do so indefinitely!  Without Aeristech’s technology, vehicle manufactures are forced to adopt complex, multi-technology systems that avoid over-stressing the electric supercharger.

Aeristech claim that their motor when used in this application can;

  • supply the full load air requirements faster…
  • supply the full load air requirements continuously…
  • more efficiently…

than any other motor.  The high power density makes it possible to design a motor with the power and inertia to accelerate to full load in half a second and to continue operating at this load indefinitely.   

  1.  The goal of this competition is to find a name for Aeristech’s uniquely capable electric supercharger, specifically it is used as the exclusive means of supporting the air supply to a piston engine and achieving engine downsizing.  

Aeristech has thought of adjectives that might be used to describe the technology.  Perhaps a two-part arrangement similar to that which we use for the electric supercharger or eSupercharger;

   Unique; unlike any other

   Ultimate; is it possible to imagine any further advance on this

   Charger; Booster; Compressor

Its up to you –do you like “uCharger”

Its up to you – come up with a catchy descriptor and we will adopt it.  It could be that we stick with something based on a combination of two of the above words.

We will still give out the prize either to the best suggestion, or if you believe it should be based on the words we have already suggested tell us why.  The person advancing the best argument then wins.  Provided we gat at least ten entries there will be a winner.  The winner will be decided by the CEO and announced on the website.

  1. The prize.  Every year the ”CENEX” organize a Low Carbon Vehicle Event at the Millbrook test track.  This year on 6th and 7th September.  Its massive with everybody that is anybody in the business attending and acres of kit on display.

The winner will be reimbursed the cost of two 2nd class return rail tickets to Millbrook station, taxi to and from the Millbrook Test Track, lunch with a senior member of the Aeristech team and a drive in the Mahle-Aeristech demonstrator vehicle. (As at present it is planned that the vehicle will be on show and available for test drives, in the event it is not on show it will not be available)

If you have an idea for what we could name our latest invention please email us at mike@gtsltd.net

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