Engine Expo 2013, Stuttgart- Debuting an Electric Supercharger Prototype Model | Aeristech

Engine Expo 2013, Stuttgart- Debuting an Electric Supercharger Prototype Model

12th June 2013

Last week, selected Aeristech personnel ran a display stand at the Engine Expo 2013, held at the Messe Stuttgart, including our CEO Bryn Richards (pictured below), Commercial Director, and Head of Mechanical Engineering. They relished conversing with the Expo’s diverse assembly of customers, partners and suppliers, and, of course, debuting a new automotive electric supercharger prototype model.

Previous years saw Aeristech exhibit new advanced prototypes and models. We are proud that each annual Expo has seen original demonstrations, from proof of concept components to working prototypes. This year, we debuted a rapid prototype 10kw 48V electric supercharger/compressor model, our first presentation of a low-voltage system. Formerly, we’ve shown only high-voltage automotive technology and so were excited to share this innovative near-to-market prototype. Commercial Director Julien Servant said, “We were extremely pleased to present, for the first time, Aeristech’s new 48V Electric Supercharger/Compressor to the automotive world. This product is being developed in cooperation with a major Tier1 supplier, and we received great feedback from visitors at the Stuttgart Expo and further interests to capitalize on in the coming months.”


We were thrilled to debut this model in the Global Automotive Components Section (GACS), located alongside the neighbouring automotive hybrid section. This resulted in many fascinating and rewarding discussions with customers, suppliers and interested parties. We attended this section as part of the UK Pavilion and wish to thank the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) for their invitation and much-appreciated organisational efforts. The event was a big success for us and we look forward to returning next year.

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