Electric Superchargers

Electric Superchargers (eSuperchargers)

The need for electric superchargers

Electric boosters are gathering popularity as a solution to turbo lag.  But with Aeristech’s unique high-performance controller and electric motor, the electric booster has finally become a supercharger — capable of solving turbo lag AND working continuously to enhance engine torque. Thus an Aeristech electric supercharger can offset the need for a further stage of turbocharging. This means more engine downsizing and CO2 savings from a simpler and less costly charging system.

Aeristech Electric Superchargers, also known as eSuperchargers

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To be fit for purpose and commercially viable, downsized engines must exhibit high levels of steady-state torque at every engine speed and must be capable of reaching steady-state torque quickly.  Using Aeristech Control Technology, Aeristech’s eSuperchargers are able to deliver the required air pressure and flow quickly, accurately, efficiently and continuously without adding complexity or exotic materials to the motor or compressor, keeping eSupercharger costs to a minimum.

Performance validated by our clients.

Report highlights

Mahle Powertrain, 2015;

An excerpt from a report on their live downsized engine with eSupercharger test entitled:

E-supercharging for Heavily Downsized Gasoline Engines

“Aeristech’s eSupercharger was demonstrated to enable continuous, high-pressure, operation… this is a clear advantage over many of the competing technologies, which are typically limited to short bursts.”


“…the companies (Mahle Powertrain and Aeristech) have pioneered a new development in engine boosting technology by hybridisation of the air intake system, making the electrical charging device a fundamental part of the enabling technology. The eSupercharger is, in this application, no longer simply a transient device, but also a key contributor to the steady state engine performance. In doing so, previously unachievable levels of specific power output have been realised.”


Ricardo UK Ltd, 2015

From their report on a simulated eSupercharger used in tandem with a conventional supercharger

110kW/L, 200Nm/L Downsized Gasoline Engine with a High-Speed, Permanent Magnet Electric Supercharger

“The introduction of a high-speed, permanent magnet electric supercharger, with its associated high efficiency, high continuous power rating, and favourable map width, enabled the engine to use a larger main turbocharger, increase specific power, reduce net BSFC, and produce greater and more consistent torque across the full range of engine speeds, in both transient and steady-state conditions. These results indicate a strong potential for the electrically supercharged engine to serve in applications where only a larger engine would have met the requirements if relying on a conventional single-stage turbocharger. This supports the conclusion that electric supercharging supports engine downsizing.”

Aeristech eSuperchargers today

One of Aeristech’s 48v eSuperchargers was recently demonstrated as part of a downsized engine on a vehicle displayed by Mahle Powertrain at the Low Carbon Vehicle event in Millbrook .  The engine achieved an unprecedented 161kW per litre from their 1.2 litre downsized engine. The vehicle is currently undergoing further testing.

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