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Case Study – Electric Supercharger (eSupercharger) for Range Extender Engine

Project Overview

The primary objective of this collaborative project with MAHLE Powertrain was to demonstrate the novel concept of integrating Aeristech’s electric supercharger (eSupercharger) to increase the power output of MAHLE’s Range Extender (REx) engine from 30 kW to 50 kW to broaden the scope of Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) applications for the REx engine.

Implementing Aeristech’s eSupercharger technology to achieve this power upgrade from 30 kW to 50 kW required minimal changes to the base engine design, and therefore enables MAHLE Powertrain to offer an optional power upgrade for larger / heavier vehicle applications.

The project received grant support from the Niche Vehicle Network (NVN) as part of the 2013 NV CR&D competition for funding.

Range Extender Engine Pic

eSupercharger for Range Extender Engine: Project Scope

A four month project to demonstrate this concept at proof-of-concept level including the following activities:

  • Design modifications of Aeristech’s eSupercharger for the specific REx engine application including:
    • Greased bearings (no external lubrication loop for bearings)
    • High voltage control/power electronics (EV application)
  • Manufacture, assemble and test modified eSupercharger
  • Integrate (hardware and software) to MAHLE’s REx engine
  • Validate concept through engine dyno test programme

Aeristech 10 kW eSupercharger



eSupercharger for Range Extender Engine: Testing Results

  • Initial testing achieved 56 kW at 5500 rev/min with 1.5 bar boost
  • Net power of 51 kW (eSupercharger power requirement of 4.5 kW non-optimized)


eSupercharger for Range Extender Engine: Project Conclusions


Validated the concept of electric superchargers as an efficient means of increasing power output with minimal changes to the base engine.

Aeristech’s eSupercharger as a single stage boosting device enables:

  • Higher power output (c. 40%) for MAHLE’s REx engine
  • Broader range of application (larger / heavier vehicles)
  • Maximising production volume with a common base architecture.

Download eSupercharger for Range Extender Engine Case Study (pdf)

A project sponsored by NICHE Vehicle Network


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