Company Milestone: First eSupercharger Demonstrated in a Car. | Aeristech

Company Milestone: First eSupercharger Demonstrated in a Car.

14th September 2015


On September 9th to September 10th 2015, at the Low Carbon Vehicle Event in Millbrook, the Mahle Dynamic Downsizing Demonstration Vehicle was on display with it’s 1.2l Di3 extreme downsized engine, complete with Aeristech eSupercharger technology.

In reports published by Mahle, the eSupercharger was a key contributor to the steady state performance of the engine, achieving a groundbreaking 161kW per litre power density. When you put that in perspective, this 1.2 litre, 3-cylinder engine roughly develops a whopping 259hp (193kW).

Aeristech also brought along 2 A-Sample eSuperchargers with integrated electronics for static display. One beside the Mahle vehicle, and the other by the Niche Vehicle Network‘s stall; the organization that provided the funding to make this project possible.

You can view Mahle’s article on the LCV event by clicking here. You can also view the Mahle paper regarding the performance of this engine with Aeristech eSupercharger by clicking here.


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