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China signs on to Aeristech technology

19th January 2017

CEO of Aeristech, pictured at the offices of the Guangzhou Automotive Group’s Automotive Engineering Institute

Richard Wall, CEO of Aeristech, pictured at the offices of the Guangzhou Automotive Group’s Automotive Engineering Institute taken last week.  The Company Executive Vice-President for Powertrain, Dr Wu is in the centre.  After the meeting, Richard said “ I really enjoy coming back to China for business development – almost all the Chinese OEMs we’re in dialogue with are enthusiastic about the technology, and serious about adopting higher levels of  air charging”.


The meeting had been arranged to discuss pre-development trials of Aeristech’s eSupercharger. GAC are one of a growing number of Chinese companies interested in further researching the Aeristech technology and it’s class leading superchargers.  Aeristech eSuperchargers provide a means for reducing vehicle emissions by more than any other. China is committed to becoming a world leader in CO2 reduction.



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