CENEX – Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2017 | Aeristech

CENEX – Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2017

1st September 2017


The Company, with Mahle Powertrain will be exhibiting “the demonstrator” at CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle event (6th & 7th September, Milbrook, Bedfordshire).  Any social media follower at the event should introduce themselves to the Aeristech team.

Nigel Seale the winner of our recent competition, to decide on a name for what we now call the sCharger (sole boost device) will be there to collect his prize.  A test drive in the car – we will let you know what he thinks of it.

Note- sCharger or sole boost device is an electric supercharger operating without a turbo charger and supplying the complete air requirements of the engine.  Offering efficiency and cost savings and uniquely when fitted to an 800cc engine delivering the performance needed to power a family saloon.

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