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Breakthrough Technology

7th October 2010

New technologies and breakthrough concepts enable significant improvements to well established solutions. This is most certainly the case in the push to greener working and living. All of us are aware of the impact of CO2 and air pollution caused in part by vehicles and transport more generally.

Now Aeristech is providing even greater opportunities to deliver a greener world, based on its unique technology. It has harnessed the power and capabilities of ultra high speed permanent magnet motors to change the game for engine turbo charging. The company has designed, developed and built the world’s fastest and fastest accelerating permanent magnet motors. These incredibly powerful motors provide unrivalled power to weight ratios. A motor the size of a baked bean tin, can accelerate from idle to 120,000 rpm in less than half a second producing 26kW of power. The control and usability of the power enables a complete rethink of internal combustion engine turbocharging. Aeristech has redesigned the standard and compromised mechanical turbo into two separate units: the generator and the compressor.

Turbochargers already use exhaust gas to drive a compressor. Aeristech however uses the exhaust gases to generate electricity which can be used for various applications including driving a compressor to provide exactly the correct amount of charged air for any throttle opening. Not only does the new technology overcome turbo lag, it also increases fuel combustion efficiency, reducing the need for expensive particulate filters. It helps contain overall costs and makes packaging of turbos in the tight confines of an engine bay easier.

This is a definite case of speed making everything super! Super fast response times, with super fast control, delivering lower emissions, and increased power at lower total cost. Commenting on the power and performance of the new technology, Tim Richardson of Aeristech said “We have developed exciting proprietary technology that harnesses the incredible power of these small highly efficient motors. The lessons we have learned and the experience and competency we have gained enables us to change the game for engine turbocharging and many other applications.

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