Another Milestone – Our One Millionth Boost Event! | Aeristech

Another Milestone – Our One Millionth Boost Event!

10th December 2016
The staff at Aeristech were served Champagne and sandwiches by the management this morning to mark the completion of the millionth boost event by the Company’s highly rated eSupercharger.

The eSupercharger has been running continuously in a test rig for several months, boosting on average 6 times a minute which included a ‘sustained event’, until December 8th when it completed its millionth boost.
Kevin Gray, Chief Engineer said “in addition to being a nice number,  the European OEM specification used one million boost events to represent the entire vehicle life experience for the device.”
CEO Richard Wall reluctantly switched off the test rig for tear down and analysis, telling staff that “it was an important milestone in the validation of their class-leading, high performance machine” and praised the engineering team for their design skills and expertise stating that that “he was proud to enjoy the reflected glory their achievement generated”.
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