Aeristech Annual General Meeting 2012

Annual General Meeting

5th December 2012

Last week, Aeristech welcomed investors to our Annual General Meeting, held at the main office in Kenilworth. This was a chance for investors to see for themselves Aeristech’s continued development and expansion. Chairman Mike Woodroffe led the meeting and, alongside CEO Bryn Richards, outlined recent and upcoming projects.

Throughout 2012, Aeristech enjoyed a high workload, with projects involving OEMs and other partners. In mid-November, Aeristech finished successful test program with an OEM customer in Germany, where our FullElectric electric turbocharger met all performance criteria promised. The customer then requested an early follow-up meeting to discuss results and the 2013 work program. Aeristech is also engaged in grant projects and pursuing a number of commercial quotations.

As a result, Aeristech expanded its mechanical design and electrical engineering teams during 2011/12. The AGM was an excellent opportunity to introduce these talented engineers to our financial backers, who enjoyed conversation and baked goods in a social setting. Aeristech then outlined how interest in our supercharger and turbocharger prototypes will allow further exciting personnel growth in the next two quarters.

We were delighted with the AGM turnout, which was similar to last year, and give thanks to everyone who arranged refreshments and offered presentations.

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