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Fuel Cell Compressors

The need for Fuel Cell Air Compressors

Hydrogen is the most common fuel used in Fuel Cell-powered vehicles because of its high energy density and because the only emission it produces is water. In the Fuel Cell, Hydrogen reacts with Oxygen in a process that releases spare electrons which are used as a source of electrical energy. The Hydrogen fuel is stored as a liquid while air is used to supply the Oxygen.

Aeristech controlled Air Compressors can deliver a constant air pressure regardless of changes in air flow or variation in input voltage, allowing them to be powered directly by the fuel cell without intermediate voltage regulation.

Aeristech Fuel Cell Air Compressors

The 20kW air compressor above has a performance map and 400V control architecture tailored to the needs of a Fuel Cell powered vehicle.  Aeristech is able to supply Fuel Cell air compressors for testing and demonstration purposes.

Aeristech technology is uniquely suited to this application.  No other motor control arrangement is able to deliver as much power with such a high efficiency.  The motor delivers constant torque and therefore air pressure irrespective of volume or variation in the input voltage drawn directly from the fuel cell.

Aeristech Fuel Cell Compressors today

A 10kW Aeristech Fuel Cell Compressor is presently being tested on fuel cell stacks with one of our clients.  The results from these tests should be available by the end of the year.


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