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Aeristech Speeds Ahead in Motorsport

14th December 2011

Aeristech Ltd recently entered a stimulating new market when it was awarded a development project in motorsport. In August, an automotive OEM with a motorsport team approached Aeristech for its hybrid-turbocharger expertise for their specific application requirements. For Aeristech, the study yields two significant benefits. Its commission provides recognition in a fresh market, while its results will support Aeristech’s strategic direction of mainstream automotive turbocharging.

Aeristech’s years of turbocharger experience, through the development of our own ground-breaking Fully Electric turbocharger which eliminates turbo lag while recovering exhaust gas energy, has given us knowledge in complex areas such as ultra-high speed generators, vibration control, and control system development. The application encompasses high temperature exhaust gasses, with high performance exhaust temperatures typically beyond 1000 degrees Celsius. Bryn Richards, Aeristech CEO, commented “We’re pleased to have signed a new high-profile customer, and proud to be working in the motorsport arena.”

Beginning with the 2013 season, a number of motorsport series will allow hybrid-turbocharger engines in competition. This alteration is due to the engines’ potential regarding Motorsport’s continuing pursuit of greater fuel efficiency and faster acceleration, coupled with a more recent desire for greener more ecologically responsible cars.

Historically, Motorsport is renowned for advancing the automotive industry, with many inventions crossing over into mainstream automobile manufacture, most notably in aerodynamics, brake systems and engine performance. These developments are often the result of companies keen to gain advantage over their competitors and use the innovation encouraged by rule changes to gain speed and/or fuel efficiency advantages.

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