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Aeristech Press Day

10th October 2016
Everything is accelerating for our eSupercharger – After the launch at the Low Carbon Vehicle event at Millbrook on September 14th-15th —  where 30people drove the demonstration vehicle – life has been hectic!

A track day for Ford, another for JLR, a press drive and on the 5th October our own event for the trade, we even had people flying in from Japan just to drive our demonstration vehicle.  Aston Martin see it next week it then it goes to journey for a press conference and then on to visit most of the Tier1’s and OEM’s.
We are also expecting a trip to China where there is great interest.
In the meantime, and before we get more information out ourselves watch the motoring press.  I am expecting 3 articles within the month!
If you have any questions or would like anymore information about our eSupercharged vehicle then please do contact us.
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