Aeristech Newsletter - March 2017 | Aeristech

Aeristech Newsletter – March 2017

14th March 2017


Welcome to the latest edition of Aeristech’s social media newsletter.

At a glance:

  • 48V eSupercharged vehicle demonstrator receives high praise in the national press
  • 48V eSupercharger nearing 2 million boost events
  • 48V B-sample prototype eSupercharger to go on vehicle test in April
  • 12V eSupercharger prototype next spring

Product Development

The 48V eSupercharger (eSC)

The 48V  eSupercharger successfully reached 1,000,000 boost events in December.  This milestone was marked with a small staff celebration.  One million boost events represents, for many manufacturer’s around one full vehicle life time.


Aeristech intent to prove the feasability of using a 9kw eSC as a singly boost device on vehicle without a turbocharger.  This application is expected to be limited to a maximum engine displacement of 1.2 litres.

12V eSupercharger (eC)

Several OEMs are waiting to test prototypes of the 12V eCharger design.  Once initial testing is complete, and contracts are in place Aeristech will release machines for testing.



The vehicle demonstrator continues to tour OEMs who have been without exception impressed by – “the world’s most extreme example of production engine downsizing.”

Actual road tests from the vehicle will be co-published with Mahle Powertrain in March at the SAE World Congress in Detroit, 5th April.  The raw data suggest a 46% improvement in fuel efficiency, resulting in a reduction of over 26% in CO2 emissions from the baseline VW Gold GTI vehicle.


The company will exhibit at the annual Future Powertrain Conference on 1st 2nd March, showcasing both its 48V high power and 12V machines.

In Autocar’s January issue they carried a two page feature on the collaborative eSupercharged vehicle.  The article concluded “this single prototype has the potentil to be a landmark in the history of the internal combustion engine.


The Company recruited three post graduate interns.  Their three month secondment is providing a meaningful contribution to the Company and its giving local engineers a taste of automotive product development.

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