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Aeristech in Good Company with Imperial

16th January 2012

Since November 2011, Aeristech has been undertaking an exciting feasibility study project in conjunction with Imperial College London. The high-profile one year project, entitled, “Aeristech’s power-dense high transient motor/generator and control technology for enhanced engine downsizing and hybrid/electric vehicle applications,” will examine the use of Aeristech’s innovative high-performance motor, generator and controller technologies in vehicle applications, with the involvement of Lotus Engineering and the support of a second automotive OEM. Both will provide an OEM’s perspective, whilst helping to ensure the study’s credibility and relevance.

Relevance is invaluable to Aeristech. We believe the prominent study, awarded £85,608 grant support by the Technology Strategy Board, will establish the advantages of our advanced technology, and particularly benefits from the authoritative turbomachinery reputation of collaborative partner Imperial College and the legitimacy of Lotus’s involvement. Lotus Engineering will provide general consultancy, comparisons with other technologies, and industry best-practice to maintain the project’s pertinence.

Partner Imperial College’s long tradition of turbomachinery and vehicle research, including their work collaborating in the Ultraboost project, ensures the study will provide comprehensive analysis of Aeristech’s fullElectric turbocharger technology. Dr Ricardo Martinez-Botas, Reader in Turbomachinery is leading Imperial’s team, which will specifically assess the technology’s capability to replace mechanical turbochargers. Aeristech expects demonstrated performance will exhibit our technologies’ material benefit to engine performance and CO2 emissions. Our 35kW motor compressor, which can accelerate to 150,000 in less than 1 second, materially reduces turbo-lag and facilitates greater engine downsizing to save fuel without any performance loss. De-coupling of the turbine and compressor provide efficiency advantages while enhancement of the combustion process reduces particulate emissions.

Together with Lotus and the second automotive OEM, Imperial’s work on the study will also take a broad view of the capability of Aeristech’s power dense motors in vehicle electrification, simulating them in other applications, including electric vehicles and range extenders. Bryn Richards, Aeristech CEO, said, “We were impressed with Imperial’s performance in the Ultraboost project, which assessed a number of turbocharging and turbo-assist technologies. With Aeristech’s demonstrated motor performance, it is fitting that we should explore on-vehicle benefits with experienced partners.”

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