A rather different first for Aeristech | Aeristech

A rather different first for Aeristech

1st November 2018
The short lists for the prestigious “Business Green Technology” awards were published today.

The Company is a finalist for;
  • Clean and Cool for International Impact
  • Fast track Technology of the Year
  • Automotive Technology of the Year
  • Transport Technology of the Year
  • Breakthrough of the Year
Aeristech believe that no other company has ever been shortlisted for five different awards in the same competition.  Certainly no one has posted such a claim in the Guinness book of Records.  
This is amazing,to have convinced a panel of independent judges that our technology was the best is perhaps proof that it is!
Richard Wall CEO
NOTE: Aeristech entered two of its game changing technologies – the Aeristech Fuel Cell Air Compressor and the Aeristech Sole Booster (supercharger).
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