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Delivering Advanced Control Architecture and Electric Forced Induction Technology

Our Solution; Lower Emissions through Greater Engine Downsizing

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  • Accurate, Continuous Operation with Low Manufacturing Cost
  • Airflow optimised through independent speed
  • Engine load minimised through independent power
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Full Electric Turbocharger Technology

  • Turbine Generator for Energy Recovery
  • Optimum Efficiency through Independent Turbine Speed
  • Aeristech controller achieves 95% energy transfer
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Compressors for Fuel Cell Applications

  • Variable Voltage Controller is ideal for Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • Aeristech Motors have Best-In-Class Power Density
  • Idle to Full Flow in Less Than One Second
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Patented Aeristech Control Technology


Aeristech’s most outstanding invention to date is a new form of control architecture for brushless variable speed electric motors. The patented system allows the motor to accelerate to rotational speeds as high as 150,000rpm in just a fraction of a second. Through our efforts, we are now able to house the entire control system within the motor casing.

Aeristech’s technology makes possible the world’s fastest accelerating and most energy dense permanent magnet variable speed electric motors.  Such high speed motors have tremendous potential wherever power, power density or speed of response is needed.

Patented Fully Electric Turbocharger Technology


Driven by the global need to reduce emissions and with engine downsizing seen as the most immediate way forward, Aeristech was founded in 2006 to develop Fully Electric Turbocharger Technology.  Aeristech patented the concept of using a variable speed electric motor to drive a centrifugal compressor using energy supplied by a turbine-driven generator in the exhaust.

Decoupling the turbine from the compressor allows the motor and generator to run at independent, optimum speed. This improves powertrain efficiency and negates the turbo-lag that has long since been a barrier to engine downsizing.

Proven results

Aeristech has successfully demonstrated this technology and, in the process, has designed and built a range of high performance electric air compressors which continue to out-perform all existing models currently used in the automotive industry. They offer numerous benefits for internal combustion and fuel cell power plants.

With a patent protecting the core enabling control technology, Aeristech is also able to deliver eSuperchargers and Fuel Cell Air Compressors for demonstration projects. You can learn more about each of our compressor types by clicking their respective image below.

Aeristech Today

Aeristech is a UK based technology developer currently specialising in electric air compressors for the international automotive industry. Delivering prototypes for demonstration and testing purposes to potential licensees of it’s intellectual property. Aeristech has forecasted that it will be applying this technology to other industry sectors in the not-too-distant future.

Aeristech’s achievements have been recognized by several awarding bodies and have piqued the interest of both vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. As of today several prototypes are on test as part of collaborative projects, each was delivered to programme and is meeting the customer’s performance specification.

Mahle Powertrain, 2015;
An excerpt from a report on their live downsized engine with eSupercharger test entitled:
“E-supercharging for Heavily Downsized Gasoline Engines”

“…the companies (Mahle Powertrain and Aeristech) have pioneered a new development in engine boosting technology by hybridisation of the air intake system, making the electrical charging device a fundamental part of the enabling technology. The eSupercharger is, in this application, no longer simply a transient device, but also a key contributor to the steady state engine performance. In doing so, previously unachievable levels of specific power output have been realised.”

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2015 IET Award for Emerging Technology Design

2015 IET Award for Emerging Technology Design

2018 New Product of the Year

2018 New Product of the Year

2017 New Product of the Year

2017 New Product of the Year

2015 Award for best investment in an Eco Innovation Business

2015 Award for best investment in an Eco Innovation Business

2012 Technology Award

2012 Technology Award

2010 Award for Welsh Innovation of the Year

2010 Award for Welsh Innovation of the Year

2010 Shell Springboard Award for new green technologies

2010 Shell Springboard Award for new green technologies

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